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• 10/26/2016

My joining form :>

Username: Queenwolfie122

Your OC's Name: Silversong

Desired Rank: Warrior

Why would you like to join: My clan disbanded, and i'm looking for a new one!

Pelt Description: Sleek, muscular, soft-furred, diminutive white warrior with gray dapples and stripes.

Traits: Loyal, swift, social, agressive (to threats), sweet (to the clan) :3

Gender: She-cat

Roleplay Example: The diminutive she-cat wandered over the prarie as she heard something which made her fur bristle. "Dog!" She shrieked, warning the patrol as she fled up a tree, watching as they perched on another branch.

Do you double clan?: NO! Never!

Picture of your OC: 



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• 1/8/2017
Nvm. Nobody responded so I already joined a different clan.
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