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Salutations, and welcome to my page. Here i'm putting information of all my OCs, hope you like it!

===Meet Moonheart=== Edit

Name- Moonheart

Residence: unknown

Past (rogue, loner, kittypet, other clans etc.): rogue, kittypet, Clan of the Hypnotic Felines, Silhouetteclan

Gender: Female

Status: Dead (died by freezing and blood loss)

Aj username: 1z2a3y4n5a

Appearence: Silver with dark grey streaks, a white underbelly and cyan eyes

Personality: Hysterical and crazy, but and the same time kind, sweet and loving

Nicknames: Moonheartie

Theme(s): Fight Song, Rachel Platten

=== Traits of Moonheart === Edit

Hunting: 9/10

Battling: 7/10 (will fight just doesn't want too)

Swimming: 10/10

Climbing: 3/10

Forgivness: 8/10

Self-Confidence: 5.4/10

Faith in Starclan:8/10

Faith in the Darkforest: 9/10

Loyalty: 4/10

Jumping (Hight): 8/10

Jumping (Legth): 6/10

Speed: 8.5/10

===Family=== Edit

Mother: Sarah/Flameclaw, Deceased

Father: Patch, Unknown

Half-Father: Scourge, Unknown

Sister: Cupcake/Snowpelt, Deceased

Brother: Eclipse, Unknown

Half-Sister: Rosefall, Deceased

Mate(s): Wingfoot (formerly), Deceased, Shallow (formerly) Alive, Timberfur, Alive


Bramble, Alive

Feather, Alive

Brackenleap, Unknown

Meadowpaw, Deceased

Mistpaw, Deaceased

===Friends=== Edit

(Tell me if you are and you're not on here, and i'll fix it asap)

NOT in order, I love all my friends equally :)

Silentwing, cutiepiebebe

Nightsong, Kennelxs

Duskcloud, digger70

Moonclaw, digger70

Ashstar, Iamrose7

Wishpool, Gpinkgirl

Sparrowstar, Diamondwillowiscute

Ember, Afiya300

Silverclaw, Svarna

Swiftpelt, moonlightwinter

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