"I am like a koi fish, calm and graceful, yet powerful and brave to withstand the waves."


Basic Info

Name: Koi

NickNames: KoiBoi, Koizoo (Don't ask, just look at my profile), SexyKoi. (Call me any of these, or you can just make up another one c:)

Origin Of Name: His fur resembles a koi fish.

Gender: Tom

Age (in moons): 8 Moons

AJ Username: Animosities

AJCW Username: Animosities AJ

Clan Info

Current Clan: SilhouetteClan

Past Clans: HollowClan, DuneClan

Rank: Assassin Apprentice

Past Rank: Kit

Mentor: SparrowStar

Apprentice: N/A


Eye color: Deep emerald green (Left) and light sapphire blue (Right)

Pelt: Short-furred, sleek, small black and white tom-kit with oranges splotches; resembling a koi fish.

Scars: N/A

Body type: Small, scrawny, long-limbed.

IRL Image: 

Cutmypic (1)

Likes and Dislikes


Koi likes his friends, hero's, his clan/clanmates, koi fish, water, sand and the beauty of the world.


Koi hates two-legs because they destroy the wonderous things in his world, he also hates predators; foxes, badgers etc. He also hates to talk, he had never spoken to anycat before, just using body language. 


Birth-Mother: Unknown

Mother: N/A

Birth-Father: Unknown

Father: N/A

Brother(s): Unknown, Unknown

Step-Brother(s): N/A

Sister(s): N/A

Step-Sister(s): N/A

Current Mate: N/A

Past Mate(s): N/A

Current Crush(es): CherryPaw and MeadowPaw

Past Crush(es): FawnPaw

Alive Kit(s): N/A

Deceased Kit(s): N/A