Lightfoot BANNER

Clan Edit


Past Groups Edit

None born into Silhouetteclan

Kin Edit

Mother: Sparrowstar

Father: Pheonixfeather

Brother(s): Patchleap (deceased) Leafkit (deceased) Darkburst (deceased)

Sister(s): Spiritsong (deceased) Nightflight (deceased)

Mate: Duskcloud

Rank Edit

Current: Assassin

Past: Assassin Apprentice, Kit

Education Edit

Mentor: Northlight (deceased)

Apprentice(s): None

Personality Edit

Lightfoot has an ill temper, and is very fiery and independent, she thinks she has to prove herself this way, but makes a fool of herself without knowing it, she and her sister, Spiritsong quarrel a lot, she never has shown any fondness of her sister, but truly does love her. She got jealous when her sister was born because her mother, Sparrowstar's attention went to Spiritsong and not herself. She does not like water ever since Darkclaw tried to drown her and sticks to the trees in the sky, though most of her family loves the water, and Spiritsong and Lightfoot used to tease eachother with names.