~Greetings Note~ Edit

Greetings! I am GhostFang, an Atramentous tom with an alabaster underbelly, an alabaster chest, and alabaster mitts. I have Crimson eyes. I will do anything for my beloved clan, SilhouetteClan. I will do anything for my precious Mate, Faith. I would die for them, and I would kill for them. I have no fears, for I have no care whether I die. Most fears originate from the fear of Death, and I couldn't care less if I die or not. This gives me the advantage in battles. I have large, sharp unguis and dentures. I have social anxiety, and anger issues (irl also). I am more of a loner, because most people piss me off. I usually keep to myself, but there are times I might just meet someone actually try to become their friend. I have trust issues, so once you lose my trust/make me mad, you will most likely NEVER gain my trust again.

*Basic Info* Edit

Name: GhostFang

Age: Unknown

Breed: TBA

Clan: Unknown

Likes: Faith, Friends, My Clan, Hunting, Fighting

Dislikes: Double Groupers, Most creatures in general, Everything else pretty much...

Mate: Faith

<>BackStory<> Edit

Basically, you expect me to write some long, boring backstory that you'll probably never read. All I want to say here is, I don't use wikia anymore and that makes me sad :( I miss my friends, and it's been years since I've been here! Nightsong, Northlight, Moonpaw, if you see this, I'm sorry for abandoning this stuff. AJ was just getting lame and I'm growing out of it. I now spend most of my time playing which you guys should check out and friend me :) My pack name is Galaxy and my pack number is 188274.