Hello and nice to meet you :: The she-cat smiles :: I am Ravenwing, or some of you know me by just Raven.

Name InformationEdit

Current Name: Ravenwing

Past Name(s): Ravenpaw, Ravenkit

Future Name(s): Unknown

Origin of Name: Unknown

Nickname(s): Raven (Prefers to be called this)

Basic InformationEdit

Gender: She-Cat

Age: 16 Moons

Sexuality: Straight

Sexuality Definition: Opposite Gender

Clan InformationEdit

Current Clan(s): Silhouetteclan

Past Clan(s): None

Future Clan(s): None

Current Rank: Warrior

Past Rank(s): Apprentice, Kit

Future Rank(s): Unknown


Main Pelt Color: White

Secondary Pelt Color(s): Black

Marking(s): Splotches

Marking Color(s): Dark Grey-Blue

Eye Color(s): Dark Ivy Green

Inside Ear Color: Pink

Nose Color: White

Paw Pad Color(s): Pink

Scar(s): Left ear ripped, Above nose

Accessories: Rare Green Short Spike Collar, Green NM Sword, Black Elf Bracelets, Green Elf Tail Armor


|| Family ||Edit

Mother: Silversquirrel (Deceased)

Step-Mother: None

Father: Grassfeather (Deceased)

Step-Father: None

Sister(s): None

Step-Sister(s): None

Brother(s): None

Step-Brother(s): None

Aunt(s): Unknown

Uncle(s): Unknown

Grandparent(s): Unknown

Cousin(s): Unknown

Littermates: None

|| Mate / Crush / Kits ||Edit

Current Mate(s): None

Past Mate(s): None

Future Mate(s): Unknown

Current Crush: None

Past Crush: None

Future Crush: Unknown

Kit(s): Not until mate

Past Kit(s): None

Future Kit(s): Unknown

|| Friends / Enemies ||Edit

Best Friend(s): None

Friends: Her clanmates

Past Friend(s): Her clanmates

Enemies: None

Past Enemies: None

Future Enemies: Unknown

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