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Basic Info Edit

Age: Maybe 13 or 12 moons old

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

User: nyxypixie (you probs know me :3)

Clan/Pack: SilhouetteClan (duh)

Status: Alive

Rank: Warrior

Appearance (vocab alert ) Edit


Snowstorm Is An Alluring, Ominous, Voluminous Yet Diminutive, Daunting, Belligerent, Benign, Alabaster And Achromic Velutinous Pelaged Shecat. She Has Light Achromic To Atramentous Markings On Her Pelage And She Has Azure Glucomatouses. Her Caudal Appendage Is Slightly Longer Than Usual Cats Have. She Can Be Really Kind Towards You Or She Can Be Just Neutral Or Just Dislike You.