Hello Welcome to my Page, My name is Patchleap and uh this is my life and stuff and yeah.

Description Edit

A large, powerful tom with a calico pelt. He has a white belly and ginger fur with black smudges. His eyes are bold green, and his fur his thick. Scar over his left eye from a badger attack but he can see fine.

Personality/Likes/Dislikes Edit

Patchleap is very, very ambitious. He strives to become leader, and sometimes, its all that clouds his thoughts. He is rather proud and if you mess with his pride, then well, good luck, this headstrong tom has a temper. He used to be reckless but having Northlight around as his mate lessened it a bit. And he's a bit more mellow.

Likes; Edit

REPTILES, FROGS, family, friends, clan, creeks.

Disklikes; Edit

Boulders, rocks, pebbles, tunnels, caves, etc., enemies, intruders.

Family Edit

Parents; Greystar & Phoenixfeather

Littermates: Nightlight(Deceased-Shecat), Shadowpaw(Shecat), Stormpelt (Shecat).

Other Siblings: Lightfoot(Shecat), Darkburst(Male), Spiritsong(Deceased-Shecat), Leafpaw(Male), Cinnamonkit(Male), Firekit(Male).

Adoptive Siblings: Whitethorn(Deceased-Shecat), Oakkit (Shecat).

Mate: Northlight

Kits: Meadowkit (Technically Eaglefeather's), Mintkit, Foxkit, Bramblekit, and Robinkit.

Friends (Sorry if you are not on list, In order) Edit

  1. Northstar
  2. Cloverwish
  3. Duskcloud
  4. Nightsong
  5. Ravenwing
  6. Crimsonrose
  7. Crowfrost
  8. Silentwing
  9. Waterpaw
  10. Briarlight
  11. Moonpaw

Rivals/Enemies (Sorry if you are on list, its in Role-play only.) Edit

  1. Darkclaw (Rival)
  2. Crowfrost (Friendly Rivalry)
  3. Phoenixfeather (Enemy: Reasons- A trust factor)
  4. Eaglefeather (Enemy)

Skills Edit

Hunting: 4/10 (Patch can only hunt reptiles, but if it comes down to adders/frogs/lizards he never misses.)

Fighting: 9.99/10

Swimming: 5/10

Climbing: 5/10

Social Skills: 6/10

Beliefs and Traits Edit

Starclan: 1/10

Dark Forest: 9/10

Friendly: 4/10

Understanding: 2/10

Pride: 9/10

Temper: 7/10

Jealousy: 8/10

Ambition: 9.99/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Sly: 9.99/10

Charming: 7/10

Joy: 4/10

Loyal: 7/10

Courage: 4/10

Cowardliness: 6/10

Death (10-2-16) Edit

Patchleap was chasing a fox and killed it, but he was trapped in a cave. He was starving and thirsty by the time the rocks finally gave out and crushed him.

Gallery Edit