In Silhouetteclan, it's a common practice to ship. Let the shipping commence!

Moonpaw x Redtail | RedMoon | MAKE THIS SHIP HAPPEN 2016 | Moonpaw denies this.

Greystar x Phoenixfeather | GreyFeather | SAILED

Moonheart x Darkclaw | MoonClaw DarkHeart

Blackfeather x Lunarmoon | BlackMoon

Northlight x Patchleap | NorthLeap or PatchLight | BIG RIGHT NOW I ZANT DIS TO HAPPEN YUSSS!! THIS MUST HAPPEN.

Northlight x Eaglefeather | NorthFeather

Whitewhisker x Patchleap | WhiteLeap or PatchWhisker <3

Duskcloud x Icemoon | IceCloud or DuskMoon | Highly supported by the Shimmerpaw

Nightsong x Moonpaw | MoonSong

Tornadostorm x Moonpaw | MoonStorm

Moonpaw x Northlight | MoonLight | o wow, ok

Tornadostorm x Northlight | TornadoLight or NorthStorm | Shipped hard from anonymous cat | WHO IS DE ANAONYMOUS CAT

Hollypaw x Crowpaw | HollyCrow! | Shipped from Crowpaw ;)

Silentwing x Crowfrost | SilentCrow

Hollyleaf x DarkClaw | DarkLeaf or HollyClaw | A cat from SC!

EagleFeather x Hollyleaf | HollyFeather or EagleLeaf | From a cat in SC <:)

RavenXPatchleap   |  Ravenleap  |  mwehehehe (Anonymous ):3)


Those who are already Mates shall put there name and their mates name, and if wanted they can add there ship name!

Greystar x Pheonixfeather | GreyFeather

Bluefur x Jayfang | BlueFang

Silentwing x Crowfrost | Silentcrow

Northlight x Patchleap l Northleap

Icemoon x Duskcloud | DuskMoon or IceCloud


Shipping/mates art and pictures go here!

(Currently none. Delete this message when art is added.)