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                                                                    The cats we love, the cats we had to bury...                                                                                                                                                         How will we remember them?

                                                        The Silhouetted Graves is for the deceased cats that we love. 

                                                               Stories of their death, Theme-songs, and more..

                                                                               Just for the ones we love.

Rip u

Rip u

                          The EndedEdit

Patchleap/Soolcat (Death: 10-2-16) Edit

Patchleap was a deputy of SC, he loved his clan mates and was the son of Phoenixfeather and Sparrowstar. He had many siblings and was Northlight's mate. He had Mintkit, Robinkit, Bramblekit, and Foxkit as his children and adopted Meadowkit. Patchleap was a massive, calico, male, maine coon. He had a scar along his right eye. He had a large ambition problem and was known to be leaping over his patches of faults. Sadly, on 10-2-16, he was chasing a fox away from camp and got stuck in a cave. He was thirsty and hungry by the time the ceiling gave out and he was crushed. We honor him for his leadership as deputy, and loyalty.